‘Buurman & Buurman’ are DJs and producers from Utrecht, the Netherlands. The guys behind this duo are Luiz Plein and Tim Brussel. At a very young age both guys developed a big passion for music and started dreaming about a career in the music business. Before the founding, the boys were already experimenting with different kinds of electronic music. In time, the underground styles were getting their preference. Because of their common passion for electronic music their friendship developed, resulting in a partnership named Buurman & Buurman.

Buurman & Buurman stands for energetic, danceable, rolling (Tech) House & Techno. The talented guys are working hard on their road to success. Since the founding of the duo at the end of 2012 things went very fast. They have been on many line up’s of big parties and festivals. For example Kaleidoscope, Glow In The Dark, Wonderland Festival, Klamme Handjes Festival, Nachtcollege Festival, Lief Festival, Verknipt Festival, Zomerkriebels, Dromenland Festival, Weekend Magnifiek, Beach Bash Festival etc.

Because of this the guys already played at a lot of big spots throughout the Netherlands like Gashouder, Maassilo, Westerunie, Central Studios, Tivoli Vredenburg, Chicago Social Club, Winkel van Sinkel, Club Basis, Martini Plaza and Graanbeurs. One of the highlights of their young dj career was a party in the Toffler named ‘ It’s All About Buurman & Buurman ‘. The title already says it, but this night was all about Buurman & Buurman. They had the honour to play a very energetic and popping set at a packed Toffler.

Iin terms of producing music the guys are making progress as well. Buurman & Buurman is busy with producing different tracks and are trying to create their own sound. The interest for their tracks keeps growing. They already had some releases on labels liks Armade Music (Cloud 9 Publishing) and White Widow. Besides this, the mixes and livesets of the guys are a true hit on Soundcloud. Thousands of listeners are receiving their mixes with open arms. All in all, there seems to be a bright future for the boys.